8 good reasons to grow a beard (1/2)

Les 8 bonnes raisons de se faire pousser la barbe (1/2)

In recent years, beards have become fashionable again. More and more men are letting it grow and don't hesitate to invest in its maintenance. This choice, which generates numerous comments in society, is however not without charm and also brings a certain touch of masculinity. For our part, we think that growing a beard is an excellent idea that all men should adopt. Here are eight solid arguments that prove we are absolutely right!

1. Growing a beard gives you style!

Having a beard above all allows you to give yourself a style and have a look in your own right. It's not Victor Hugo who will say the opposite! Nourished and well maintained, the beard changes your face and gives you a neat and unique look. With such an asset, it is obvious that everyone will turn around when you pass by.

Both trendy and manly, the beard can be worn and adapted to all styles and preferences: three-day beard, goatee beard, hipster beard, etc. The choices are endless and each one as enjoyable as the next. If you want to permanently change your look, some advice: invest in your beard!

2. The beard effectively protects the skin

Growing a beard isn't just about style. Indeed, the beard protects your skin optimally. On the one hand, it acts as a filter by retaining dust, pollution residues and other external particles likely to cause allergies or asthma. Practical, right?

On the other hand, it is interesting to point out that the beard blocks up to 95% of ultraviolet rays. It thus plays the role of a protective barrier – a barrier which does not cost you much. So you understand that having a beard promotes the good health of your skin. So take care of it and resist the urge to shave completely. Your skin will thank you.

3. Having a beard puts an end to skin irritation

When they don't want to keep their beard, men are forced to shave it. Some are forced to do it almost every day. Although this morning ritual may seem pleasant, it takes a toll on the skin. This is attacked because of the repeated passes of the blade over the epidermis.

To shave well, you must have the right technique and, above all, use the appropriate products. Otherwise, there is a risk of skin irritation, redness or even ingrown hairs. There are so many inconveniences that you could avoid by choosing to grow your beard!

4. Growing a beard helps you stay warm

In winter, bearded people have nothing to fear. Just like hair, the beard protects against the cold. How is it possible ? In fact, this significant hairiness creates a thin protective layer. It reduces the risk of drying out the skin as well as heat loss.

So take advantage of this moment to educate yourself and invest in growing your beard. You will benefit greatly from it during the cold seasons. The beard acts as a thermal layer and will prevent you from catching a cold.

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Les 8 bonnes raisons de se faire pousser la barbe (2/2)

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