The 5 ingredients to avoid in your beard care (1/2)

Les 5 ingrédients à éviter dans vos soins de barbe (1/2)

To be attractive and elegant, the beard must be well maintained. It's a rule that all bearded people know. However, you should know that taking care of your beard does not just mean trimming its contours or combing it. This maintenance also requires using appropriate beard care that does not contain toxic ingredients. Indeed, some of the products offered for men's hair may contain chemical substances or active ingredients which, in practice, are not always good for your health. Let's discover together the list of ingredients to avoid at all costs in your beard care!

1. Sulfates

Present in shampoo, shaving foam and even toothpaste, sulfates are chemical compounds which have the particularity of creating foam on contact with water. They thus eliminate grease and dirt and therefore provide an unparalleled feeling of cleanliness.

We could turn a blind eye to this type of ingredient if it did not have many disadvantages on bearded leather. Indeed, sulfates cause irritation and itching, dry out the skin and make it more sensitive. This then becomes more prone to allergies and other annoying illnesses.

The beard is also affected by sulfates. These strip the hair fiber and deeply damage its structure. Therefore, if you dream of having a Viking beard, you will have to track down this type of ingredient and avoid products that contain it. The best known sulfates are sodium lauryl sulfate , stepanol , sodium lauryl sulfate and empicol ESB 70 .

2. Paraffin oil

Paraffin oil is actually a mineral oil that is obtained from petroleum refining. In industry, it is used to improve the consistency of a product without altering its active ingredient. But in practice, this oil, once applied, will constitute a barrier on the surface of your skin and cause it to dry out and dehydrate.

Also, paraffin oil clogs the pores of the skin and therefore prevents the expulsion of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. These will therefore proliferate and cause the appearance of redness, pimples and blackheads.

Avoid beard products that contain paraffin oil or its derivatives. To track down this ingredient, look for the following phrases on the labels of the products you are interested in: paraffin oil , paraffinum liquidum .

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