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Ventous therapy, Cupping therapy or even hijama is an ancestral practice dating back to Ancient Egypt.

Cupping was intended to stimulate blood circulation, lymph, and energy within the body.

Formerly made of cow horn or bamboo, today suction cups are most often made of glass, plastic or plexiglass.

Our Zenycup suction cup is the result of the fusion between ancient traditional techniques and the latest technologies.

Rechargeable, vibrating and equipped with infrared light physiotherapy features; Zenycup will allow you to:

  • Relieve back, joint and muscle pain
  • Release tension in the back and muscles of the shoulders, arms, glutes, legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, etc.)
  • Relieve headaches.
  • Accelerate sports recovery
  • Treat digestive disorders
  • Fight against stress
  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Burn fat
  • Fight cellulite through its Guasha functions

Cupping therapy has been proven to offer multiple benefits!

Easy to use

The suction cup has three pressure modes and three vibration modes. You can select the most suitable mode for your personal situation!

Practical, easy to carry

Unlike the traditional cupping device, Zenycup does not require a flame.

Easy to use and clean, you can use it alone, at home or anywhere and enjoy professional therapy . Thanks to its small size and light weight, you can easily store it in your bag and take it everywhere with you (at home, in the office, on your vacation…)

Great autonomy

Each suction cup is equipped with a built-in 2000mah lithium battery and a USB charging cable which will provide convenient and efficient charging.